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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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Strapless gown, with shirred bodice, ribboned drape at waistline, and corset back.


Wedding Dress Style 7863

Wedding Dress Style 7863

Wedding Dress Style 7863



I was worried that it would be to small or to tight but it was p

I got this so my niece could cosplay Louise from bob's burgers. I was worried that it would be to small or to tight but it was perfect.


Love this dress!

I ordered a size bigger as I like things to be a little loose and it's perfect; meaning it's a little loose (as I intended)!


Five Stars

I love everything about this dress the material was amazing and fit perfectly



I bought this item from LA after reading the reviews for it. I initially bought Slinky Tube Mini Dress Sexy Lingerie Intimate Apparel With Cut Out Back as I thought it would do a better job hiding the tiny stomach bulge I have. Turns out I was wrong. I'm 5'10," 160 pounds 34B-30-36 and it fit very well. Definitely a little hard to put on, but so worth it. With a smaller chest size that also is fairly perky, I did have the occasional nip-slip to the center, but it wasn't that bad at all. Definitely not something to wear a bra or underwear under, though a THIN strapped thong like Illusions Sheer Micro G-string Thongs 3 Pack Black (or anything similarly side-strapped) hides fairly well. It was definitely short on me, but it covered everything above the waist nicely, and below the waist with about an inch to spare in back, and two inches or so in front. I definitely recommend it, and if I looked better in pink, I'd buy the other one as well.Concerns I've heard:Hard to get into: yes, but if you scrunch it up so it resembles a large scrunchee, then get it around your waist (make sure before scrunching the front is in front), it is pretty easy to sort out. Grabbing each center piece and pulling it away, then letting it snap back, will take care of any oddly stretched bits.Rips easily: I haven't had a problem. I didn't really try TEARING it, but I did stretch it quite a bit the first time I tried to put it on.Rolls up: I only really had that problem while sitting or laying down, and even then it wasn't that bad.


Five Stars

Perfect dress for summer. The fit and length is perfect. Love it.



bought this in a small and was satisfied with my purchase would like to see more fitting clothing from this seller


After hours and comparing different brands and prices I finally

Fabulous! I've been meaning to buy a petticoat for my growing collection of Lindy Bop dresses. After hours and comparing different brands and prices I finally decided this would be the best one. I was correct! This is a fantastic product. The inner fabric is soft and not itchy at all. The entire thing is very well made and the material is high quality. The waist band is probably my favorite part. I was nervous since the petticoat only came in two sizes, I got the small/medium. I have a 26/27 inch waist and it fits like a dream. I don't even feel it. Rests comfortably above my hips. It normally sticks out a little underneath my dresses because of the length, but it looks nice that way. The poofyness is probably like medium poof. There is a big difference between wearing it and not wearing it, but it's not the biggest poof. Can be put in the dryer for more poof. 10/10, would recommend and would buy again. You don't need the $40 petticoats, everything you need is right here.


It's beautiful! The material is kind of like a bathing ...

It's beautiful! The material is kind of like a bathing suit and there were some strings that needed to be trimmed but I love this dress! Can't wait for summer!

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