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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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V-neck long dress with slit. Matching colored beads on bust and waistband.


Mother of the Bride Dress Style  29665

Mother of the Bride Dress Style  29665



Fantastic dress A+A+A+A+A+

Gorgeous color and it fit my 5'9" tall size 6 frame perfectly.


Navy 3/4 Sleeve...

I love it! The material is to die for. Sure, it's a bit snug but it's stretchy and accommodating.I bought it thinking it wouldn't arrive until the end of the month... well it only took 9 days :DI just bought 2 more! Love it!I definitely recommend!


Very nice item with fast shipping

Item is very nice! Thanks for the quick shipping..I ordered several more for trends and had them monogrammed. Aldo makes a pretty cover up.



Dint expect the dress to be this nice, I is a perfect fit good material, arrived on time and well packaged.


Five Stars

Great dress. Great price.


Five Stars

I LOVE this dress. This will be my go to dress for the summer!!


Five Stars

Great dress


Wish I could wear this everywhere!

 Love, love this dress. The way it swirls, when I twirl, the way it has ribbon and mesh in just the right combination to be fashionable.The fit is good, and if you are on the high end of a size, that’s a good thing. You want this dress to fit snugly across the rib-cage, and since it has some stretch to it, you can get that and still fill comfortable (as in breathe!).The dress has enough heft to it to feel substantial, strong. But it doesn’t feel heavy on my body. And thanks to the cut of it, my stomach is not the focal point. The focus is on the mesh neckline and the ribboned hem.Anyway, I hope the video will help you determine the perfect size to grab for yourself. If you are my size and you like the way it fits me, I am wearing an M. I am 5’9”, 160 pounds. 40 inches in the bust and hips, and 33 in the waist (which is three fingers above the belly-button).**Always take note of WHY a person liked or disliked a product, rather than going off the star system alone - Many products can be used with different intentions, and the way you intend to use it or what you need it to accomplish may not be what the person reviewing it used and rated it for. **I received this item for little or no cost with the promise that I would try to properly explain the product. I hope it has helped you understand if this is going to be a good fit in your life.


Five Stars

Very nice


Five Stars

Perfect size live it


Five Stars

My wife likes it


Five Stars

Great light weight summer dress!!!


I ordered the black and red in a size large and it was snug on t

I ordered an XL and it was a size too big. The material is stretchy and forgiving. I am 5'8 and 155lbs and wear a 34F. I ordered the black and red in a size large and it was snug on the bust but looks great.


Five Stars

Love it. Very fast shipping.



Fantastic Dress. I'm somewhat concerned that I am becoming addicted to Rockabilly Swing Dresses. They are so flattering and feminine and no matter how many I wear i always get a ton of compliments on them. Total strangers come up and tell me the dress is beautiful, which of course it is! I ironed mine with both Magic Sizing and Spray Starch. The dress is mostly cotton with just the right amount of stretch. Using Magic Sizing and Starch on the dress gives it a professional finished look. In addition I highly recommend wearing a petticoat under this dress (which I ironed with a pressing cloth). It's a great dress that is made even better with a petticoat. I chose to wear a 110" sash with my dress to help define my waist - it needs all the help it can get! :-)I highly recommend this dress and I plan to buy more! Love it!!!Added 6/28/2015I really hate to go on and on about this dress, but I must! When I went to church today, people were still talking about this dress that I wore to church LAST WEEK! Isn't that absolutely amazing? This is not only a great dress it leaves an unbelievable lasting impression!!!


Five Stars

Great fit!

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