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Sensational and sophisticated, this gown has a flattering V-cut neckline with lace throughout the back, shoulders, and half sleeves. The beaded detail cinches you in at the waist and shows off the pleated bodice. This gown also features a sheer layer chiffon slim fitting bottom to dance all night in.


Mother of the Bride | Jean de Lys Dress Style  29711

Mother of the Bride | Jean de Lys Dress Style  29711



Ooo La La

I was scared about ordering Chinese sizes, mainly because of all the horror stories I read. But this fit amazingly, I got an XL, and I am a size 16-18 typically. I am 47-36-50 and this fits like a glove. There is nothing wrong with the stitching and it looks like it was sewn on neatly(just to answer that question from the other reviews) I have no issues other than waiting to buy more. =]


Good quality. Came with a tag

Good quality. Came with a tag, which I have noticed a lot of alluringdress.com clothing I have bought doesnt. I am a very frequent alluringdress.com clothing shopper. I do not even hardly shop in stores anymore. The only thing I will say is, thinking that it is from China and a small, I figured it would be smaller. I am 104 pounds and 5 ft, so I am small and the small was a little large. I was hoping for it to fit as picture. It is too long for what I expected and not tight like I would like it. Some may prefer this, I would rather have a more snug fit like pictured in the picture.


I think this is all I am going to wear from now on.

This dress is super cute and awesome, great price. The fabric is both stretchy and drapey, form fitting but not tight, and a bit thin. Great for hot weather. You will probably want some shapewear, a camisole, slip, or leggings underneath. This fabric is nice and cool, comes out of the packaging unwrinkled and ready to wear. I imagine this will be great for travelling. I am 5'6", 230 lbs (down from an all time high of 240--ACK!), 44-40-50 (my hourglass is heavy on the bottom), and the only place this is even slightly tight is across the bosom. Not uncomfortable, but there's extra room in the waist and definitely in the hips so this dress is great for bottom-heavy girls. I could probably get into a 2x if not for the 'treasure chest' and I imagine this dress will continue to be wearable as I hopefully go on with my downward weight trend. The dress is a little longer than shown in the picture--it comes to my knee. Which is perfect, I was worried a little about the length. If you are allowed to be a little 'wacky' at work, you could wear this with a blazer or cardigan and this would look just fine for the office. CowCow has many patterns, a lot of them would be just great for more normal work-wear.I ordered this early in September (1st or 2nd?) and received yesterday Sept 23. Just be aware there is some lead time on these, apparently.


Lovely Dress

It was a little big in the bust area, but I just used some fabric tape to fix it. I got it for my daughter's 8th grade Black and White Ball and she slayed it.,



So comfy! So whimsical! I just wanted something that wasn't tight fitting, something more relaxed I can well, feel RELAXED in! And this is it! I'm a size 2 in womens and 3 or 5 in juniors and 34DD. I ordered a small and it's exactly how I wanted it!!! I had to unbutton the top button for more comfort in that area...which added some sexy to it! I can pinch in the waist for a more fitted look with a belt, but that defeats the purpose of my purchase! I love everything about the skirt part b/c it makes me want to twirl around and around! If you're well endowed, I wouldn't size down b/c the buttons would bust...unless you want that and wear a tank underneath??? It's definitely a new dress up or dress down piece in my wardrobe and I did not find it to be see-thru material which is an awesome plus-plus!PS, I do agree with those that stated it'd be too warm for summer...I live with all 4 seasons and I know I can make this work all year around...aside from a hot day!

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