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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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Strapless sweetheart neckline mesh short dress with sheer bodice and lace-up back. Features appliques and a layered ruffled skirt.


Alyce Paris | Prom Dress Style  6380

Alyce Paris | Prom Dress Style  6380



Five Stars

Cute anyways


great dress

Fits kind of large but great material .. going to reorder in different colors'


The FIT of the dress is great and true to G2's measurments, NOT

This review is for the blue native print surplice neckline maxi dress in XL. I'm so very, very sad. I loved this dress with the bright native print the moment I saw it. I pointed it out to my oldest daughter (she's 25) thinking hse would love it, but she surprised me by poo-pooing the pattern by saying it looked like an Easter egg threw up. Undaunted, I ordered it anyway-for myself- along with two other maxi dresses by G2, but this was the one I was most excited for.When the dresses arrived 48 hours later (gotta LOVE Prime!!!) I did a happy dance. I ripped open the box, tore the dresses out of their plastic bags, pulled this dress on first (the colors were true, bright, and beautiful), and turned triumphtly to face my mirror. As I admired my very own fine self, starting at how well the fabric stretched to accomodate my hard-to-fit top and slowly looking down to see the rest, my smile of joy slowly started to fade. Although it fit fantasticly and made the best of what I've got,I couldn't help but notice how dorky my ankles looked sticking out the bottem of the dress since it ended about FOUR inches before it should have to be absolutely perfect on me. The reviews said the dresses tended to run SHORT, but I figured that since I'm not tall, I'd be fine! Not so much...However, the happy ending is that my daughter, who had turned her petite nose up at the dress before, walked in and stopped to admire how great my new dress looked. She was super jelly until she too noticed the length. Since she is only 4'11", she immediately demanded to try it on. I reluctantly took it off and handed it over to her. It looks beautiful on her, as I knew it would to begin with when I POINTED IT OUT TO HER!!! It is the perfect length and since she is just a shorter, tiny bit more compact version of me, the dress fits her almost the same-just better, so she is the one that gets to look fantastic in it! And I still win, because as her mom, I get to say "I told you so" once again! The FIT of the dress is great and true to G2's measurments--NOT alluringdress.com'S-- but the LENGTH of the dress runs short.For reference (becasue I find this always helps me) I am 5' 4", 155 lbs., 36DDD or 34GG (depending on the bra manufactureer and if the cups are stretchy or structured, either way I'm very busty), 30" waist, and 43" low-hip measurement. My mini-me daughter is 4' 11", 140 lbs, 34DD (again, this depends based on blah, blah, blah...) with all her other measurements being similar in shape but somewhat smaller than mine.


Five Stars

Am now buying another, and another...


It fit perfect. Nice quality

It is exactly what you see in the picture. It fit perfect. Nice quality. I am very happy with this dress.


Love it!

Love it!!!! I ordered this right before I went on vacation thinking I probably wouldn't get it but the shipping was earlier than expected. I got so many compliments on it, definitely buying more rompers. Also I'm 5'2 and 150 lbs, very slimming.


Omg it was on time true to size i m ...

Omg it was on time true to size i m going to buy another dress and my man loves it too



Beautiful Gown! My Lady loves it and it is extremely convenient for breastfeeding.


Cool and comfortable

A very nice summer dress. Comfortable and also easy to wash. I am 5'4" and the length is perfect. It comes with a belt but I did not wear it with the dress.


Five Stars

Comfy and fits perfect


Five Stars

I would recommend this dress very sexy

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