How To Choose The Best Print Shop London

If you have a planned print job in mind, you will need to secure the services of the right print photocopy shop. Finding the right professional printing company to handle all your printing needs, on a one-off or regular basis, is essential as it determines quality of the end result; and the overall success of the entire project.

Settling on a single print shop can be quite problematic given the wide variety of available options. Use the tips below to choose the right printing company to handle your printing needs, regardless of whether it’s your first time or not.

Define Your Needs

The first thing you need to do before you even start your search for the best print shop London is to come up with a detailed description of the project requirements. Start by identifying your targeted audience. Find out what your brief is; and the type of media required for the project. Prepare the necessary artwork, and ensure that it is of the right quality; and has what it takes to achieve your intended purpose.

Once you have a clear definition of your specific printing needs, you can get on with the task of finding the right print shop.


After defining your printing needs, you should have a clear idea of the required printing equipment. Printing equipment is divided into two main types, offset and digital. While some print shops will be equipped with both types of printing equipment some will not.

Take the time to find out whether the printing shops you are considering for hire have the equipment needed to produce what you want. It’s worth mentioning that choosing a print shop with both types of equipment ensures that you always have what you need at your disposal, regardless of the current project requirements.


Before hiring a print shop, be sure to find out whether they can be able to deliver on the print quality you have in mind. You can use a printer’s past projects to find out whether they can meet your expectations. Ask the printers in your shortlist to provide you with some samples of some of their past projects.

Take the time to assess the quality of the samples provided to get a clear idea of whether the printer is capable of handling the task at hand.

Level Of Service

In most cases, all professional printing establishments will have the necessary equipment needed to produce the material you want; it is the level of customer service offered that separates the best from the rest.

Does the printer maintain open lines of communication with clients throughout the project? Also, find out more about how the printer under consideration handles any issues that crop up during the printing process, including how they can help you meet strict deadlines.

Extra Services

The right printing company should be able to offer other services, in addition to the main printing service. Finding a one stop shop for all your printing, and related, needs can save you a lot of time, money and the associated headache of working with different service providers on every printing project you might have.

A printer who offers a host of additional services such as creative design, sample production and media distribution, in addition to the printing service, brings more value to the table as opposed to one who only specializes in printing alone.

Cost Estimates

Since printing services come at a cost, it’s only right that you consider this important factor when it comes to choosing the right print shop. Ask each of the companies under consideration to provide detailed cost estimates for the project at hand.

The basic rule here is to avoid making a decision based on the quoted price alone, instead taking the time to assess the contents of each quote. Be sure to identify each of the cost items included in each quote and their value with respect to your needs; this will help guide you to the option offering the best value for your money.

There are many print shops out there competing for your business, using the above tips as a guide to the right option will definitely work out in your favour. At the end of it all, you should be able to choose a professional printing company that meets all your current, and where necessary future, needs.